Still I Write 2020: An Online Writing Retreat for Scholars by InkWell Academic Writing Retreats
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Still I Write 2020: An Online Writing Retreat for Scholars

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM EASTERN

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Enrollment is closed

Stop Living Your Writing Life in Fear

Still I Write is your chance to experience the power of focused, uninterrupted writing. Step into our protected writing space, with a community of scholars, and the support of an expert writing coach. Once you do, you'll feel steadied and satisfied after writing, instead of depleted and anxious. This retreat is for you if:

  • You're a scholar who wants to feel good about your writing, instead of tapped out and terrified.
  • You yearn to reconnect with neglected writing projects.
  • You're tired of writing in unsupported, uninspiring isolation.
  • You crave uninterrupted time to read, write, and think.

What Scholars Are Saying

"The retreat I participated in this summer was so productive. It gave me a safe space to face a paper I had been avoiding...for months. I managed to draft it and was easily able to finish writing it over the summer!"
Amy VanScoy, PhD Associate Professor, Library & Information Studies University at Buffalo

How it Works

Once You Register
You'll have immediate access to this site's Online Meeting Space. It contains everything you need for the retreat, including your schedule, call-in information, and helpful pre-retreat prep tips.

During the Retreat
You'll work in multiple writing blocks. You'll be supported throughout the day by live coaching calls with Michelle. And you'll enjoy the support of an amazing community of empathetic, encouraging scholars.

By the End
You'll have made meaningful progress on your writing. You'll have done so with less delay and anxiety. And you'll know for certain whether retreat writing can move you past your writing fears. 

What You'll Get

When you participate in Still I Write, you will:

  • Write for big blocks of time without terrifying or exhausting yourself.
  • Learn best practices for calm, focused writing.
  • Make meaningful progress on your writing project without exhausting yourself.
  • Enjoy the support of a community of like-minded scholars.
  • Learn how you can create a writing routine that boosts your confidence and productivity.
  • Get evidence-based tips for getting unstuck in your inbox, via our monthly newsletter.


How will we meet?

Two ways: By Audio Conference: On the day of the retreat, we'll meet via audio conference call using Many retreaters located outside the U.S. will be able to use a local, in-country dial-in number. In Our Private Online Forum: This site contains an online forum that will go live on the day of the retreat. If you need help in between calls, we'll stay connected via the online discussions.

Where should I be during the retreat? At home? On campus? In a cafe?

There is no one right place to be when writing. Choose an environment that allows you to focus for a sustained period of time. And if you plan to ask a question during the coaching calls, try to make sure you're someplace quiet so we can hear you well.

Can I call in to the retreat if I'm not in the U.S.?

Many scholars can. Once you register you'll have access to a list of international dial-in numbers. If it turns out your location is not on the list, we'll provide instructions for how to connect using the internet instead of your phone.

What if I have to join the retreat late?

You'll miss the initial coaching call, which helps create the best conditions for the retreat. But any writing time is good writing time.

I need to do some reading/data analysis before I can jump into drafting anything. Does that count as "writing"?

Absolutely. Writing involves all the things you need to do to move your manuscript forward. That includes thinking, note-taking, reading, data analysis, citation checks, making a writing plan, and much, much more! It does *not* include things like class prep, grading, reading files for a committee or search. In other words, the work needs to be related specifically to your manuscript.